A38 in South Devon

We have just driven along  the A38 including the stretch between Lee Mill and Rattery, most of which is in the province of SHDC for verge clearing and litter collection. (So I have been previously advised by Highways England)
Yet again a lack of joined up thinking as a number of the lay bys have had the grass strimmed within the last few days and yet the litter has obviously just been strimmed over and left in situ - what a mess.
How many times does this happen? Many! 

Today is voting day in local elections - I may have to lobby  potential candidates to ensure my vote goes to the individual who is prepared to take on this challenge of getting and keeping our public highways clean and tidy. But therein lies a conundrum, the public. It is the public who are dropping the litter in the first instance! But as ‘the responsible Authorities’ have a duty of care - and a budget to carry out the role of litter removal, lets have some joined up thinking and do it more effectively and efficiently - p…

Deposit return schemes announced by HMG

Reported in the news today..... a really good initiative, but can it be enforced? Read more at....

Deposit return schemes could be introduced for bottles, cans, and disposable cups as part of a new government waste strategy for England.

Read more at.... HERE

What a waste - hence this e mail to the CEO of Johnson & Johnson

Dear Mr. Gorsky,
In the event I have been unable to find details of your companies contact details I am taking the unprecedented step (on my behalf) to write to you direct over an issue that gives me great concern.
I attach two pictures of the above product that my wife has just returned home with in her shopping bag (purchased in ‘Tesco’, Kingsbridge, Devon, UK) and was amazed to find that the 400g container of baby powder clearly is only just over 50% full - resulting in a complete waste of ‘plastic packaging’. This also ‘deceives’ the customer as they think they have a full container. Why not produce a smaller container  that actually contains the amount being sold?
I know that this is not the only case of over packaging in the Johnson & Johnson range but this one really brought it to head for us.
I would expect that J&J would be more accountable for plastic waste in the current environmental climate but cl…

Well done Cumbria!

It is easy to be critical so a bit of praise should be well received.

We are currently touring the Lake District and Cumbria.

Hardly any litter anywhere so well done the people of Cumbria, and those who visit and probably take their litter to Devon and Cornwall! (Oops!)

So once again, well done up here - perhaps the SW, no perhaps about it, need a lesson from our Northern cousins.

More on this subject later.

Power to the people...

Check this out.....

...and ...

The Government has earmarked a £61.4 million fund to fight the rising tide of plastic pollution in the world's oceans. Prime Minister Theresa May announced the fund ahead of the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in London next week. She is due to call on all of the 52 leaders present to sign up to the Commonwealth Clean Oceans Alliance - a strategy to help developing Commonwealth nations research and improve and waste management. Four Commonwealth countries have already joined the UK in the alliance - New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Vanuatu and Ghana. (OK so where are the big players - India, Australia, Canada?) Downing Street said £25 million of the fund will be used to help researchers investigate the issue of marine plastic from a scientific, economic and social perspective. A further £20 million will be used to curb plastic and other environmental pollution generated by manufacturing in developing countries and prevent it entering the oceans. The re…

Garden pots...

Do you recycle your unwanted plastic garden pots?

Can you get them recycled locally?

The following gives more details.... CLICK HERE

Government initiative.

Letter to the Western Morning News 29.3.18…
‘I wholeheartedly support all the comments made by Janet Gronkowski in Wednesday’s WMN re ‘Verges look like open trash cans’. I have for a number of years been campaigning for ‘Getting Britain Tidy’ as the ‘Keep Britain Tidy’ campaign seems non existent these days - whatever happened to those really useful Government information films? Letters to County Council's, City Council’s and Highways England are littered around my filing system!!
There is no doubt that wherever you travel in Britain these days our streets both rural and urban are festooned with one type of litter or another and in my experience predominantly plastic based.
Only today the Government has announced the possible introduction of plastic bottle and metal can levies in an effort to reduce the problem of waste - but lets deal with the real problem - that we in the UK must stop dropping ALL litter around our beautiful country.  I would like to see the Government be more proact…