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Clean Highways campaign

Check out this link to see the real scale of 'our' national litter problem....

Treasure Trove? I don't think so...!

'Spaniards Lane' is a relatively remote country lane just north of the small village of Moreleigh in the South Hams of Devon. Whilst out for a walk there this morning we collected 12 plastic drinks bottles all located within less than a half mile.

It appears probably that some lazy local person has been throwing them out of her/his car window on a regular basis!

Why would somebody do that?

(Picture below shows just 7 of the offending articles)


Crime doesn't pay - and dropping litter is a crime.
This received from a neighbour .....
whilst picking up rubbish locally .”... we found an addressed envelope in amongst 3 full sacks of household rubbish and soiled nappies etc  in the old toll house. I contacted the District Council  and they took immediate action. The culprit  …… got an £80 fine which was an  encouraging outcome.”


...and not so 'Well Done'!

The following letter has just been sent to the Leaders of Devon County Council:- 
I am sure with the 4% increase in Council Tax announced last week DCC will be spending it ‘wisely’ on essential services. I have no objection to this reasonable increase - providing it is used sensibly and we receive  the services we expect - and that includes litter removal.
As a Devon resident and Council Tax payer I am frustrated that I have to write to you yet again (previous correspondence 3rd March 2015) to share my concerns about the state of the Devon highways. Many of our roads, in particular the A30 and A38 are an eyesore due to continual depositing of litter along their verges.
Within the past week I have travelled on both the aforementioned roads and there is no doubt that the issue regarding litter removal/control is not being taken seriously by DCC.
Highways England have advised me previously  that the responsibility for litter collection on trunk roads falls with the local authorit…

A 'Well Done'..

I recently sent this to East Devon District Council - 
"I would just like to take the opportunity to congratulate East Devon Council having just recently witnessed two of your litter operatives working in East Devon.
My wife and I were walking near Woodbury last week when we came across a double bed, mattress and even the headboard just deposited by the side of the lane!  As this is an issue we really get annoyed about (see our Blog below) we decided to contact you in relation to the circumstances. Imagine our pleasure then when two of your operatives arrived on scene and removed said items. (see picture attached). They were friendly, courteous and seemed to enjoy their job. They were also very complimentary about their new ‘head of services’ - that’s a change to hear these days. So give them a ‘well done’.

So congratulations  East Devon - but more needs to be done - perhaps you could influence other District Councils."