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Dirty Plymouth.... again!

Below, e mail to Plymouth City Council, who are responsible for the A38 as it runs around the city:-

'I would like to draw your attention to the disgusting state of the A38 as you drive between Marsh Mills and the Tamar Bridge.
Over the weekend my wife and I drove along this route and the amount of litter to be seen was unbelievable.
Both carriageways and several of the roundabouts were very badly affected.
I would hope Plymouth City Council in conjunction with Devon Highways will address this as a matter of urgency?
I appreciate that the removal of litter has considerable financial implications but a more proactive approach by the City Council in relation to litter could be a way forward in dealing with this unacceptable issue.
How often do you see litter pickers when you are travelling around Devon? The simple answer - rarely! '

Litter Laws!

Check this out....

'Leaked Litter Laws'

But is it 'fit for purpose' - see this LINK.

All sounds easier than it looks me thinks!!!

Happy New Year!

Modbury Litter…
Well it is now 2017 and being of generous spirit my wife and I thought we would do a good turn for the local community. (Its no good ‘moaning’ unless you are prepared to actually do something, which we quite often do)!
First mission of 2017 was to yet again carry out, what is the responsibility of Devon County Council in association with each of the District Councils, and clear the rubbish which has built up over some time from a lay-by just outside the town. Having just completed a shopping trip to Kingsbridge, and carrying suitable ‘unsightly litter removal equipment’  in the car boot we stopped on our return journey - right behind a Devon County Council (DCC) van, also parked in the lay-by on the A379!
Goodness, we both thought, DCC have ‘beat us to it, how commendable’! But sadly no. When I enquired from the driver if he was there to remove the litter, he looked at me somewhat curiously and replied ‘No’.

So, ten minutes later (that ’s important), we had cleared the lay…