Well done Cumbria!

It is easy to be critical so a bit of praise should be well received.

We are currently touring the Lake District and Cumbria.

Hardly any litter anywhere so well done the people of Cumbria, and those who visit and probably take their litter to Devon and Cornwall! (Oops!)

So once again, well done up here - perhaps the SW, no perhaps about it, need a lesson from our Northern cousins.

More on this subject later.

Power to the people...

Check this out.....

...and ...

The Government has earmarked a £61.4 million fund to fight the rising tide of plastic pollution in the world's oceans. Prime Minister Theresa May announced the fund ahead of the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in London next week. She is due to call on all of the 52 leaders present to sign up to the Commonwealth Clean Oceans Alliance - a strategy to help developing Commonwealth nations research and improve and waste management. Four Commonwealth countries have already joined the UK in the alliance - New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Vanuatu and Ghana. (OK so where are the big players - India, Australia, Canada?) Downing Street said £25 million of the fund will be used to help researchers investigate the issue of marine plastic from a scientific, economic and social perspective. A further £20 million will be used to curb plastic and other environmental pollution generated by manufacturing in developing countries and prevent it entering the oceans. The re…

Garden pots...

Do you recycle your unwanted plastic garden pots?

Can you get them recycled locally?

The following gives more details.... CLICK HERE

Government initiative.

Letter to the Western Morning News 29.3.18…
‘I wholeheartedly support all the comments made by Janet Gronkowski in Wednesday’s WMN re ‘Verges look like open trash cans’. I have for a number of years been campaigning for ‘Getting Britain Tidy’ as the ‘Keep Britain Tidy’ campaign seems non existent these days - whatever happened to those really useful Government information films? Letters to County Council's, City Council’s and Highways England are littered around my filing system!!
There is no doubt that wherever you travel in Britain these days our streets both rural and urban are festooned with one type of litter or another and in my experience predominantly plastic based.
Only today the Government has announced the possible introduction of plastic bottle and metal can levies in an effort to reduce the problem of waste - but lets deal with the real problem - that we in the UK must stop dropping ALL litter around our beautiful country.  I would like to see the Government be more proact…

Some sign!

This spotted recently near Builth Wells in central Wales!!!

Enjoying the beautiful Devon countryside!

On February 16th I posted about litter in a nearby lay-by that I litter picked whilst out cycling. I bagged up the litter and when I got home reported it to South Hams District Council via their less than friendly website.  I received an acknowledgement to say it would be dealt with, now was that my report or the disposing of the litter?
Today I once again cycled around the beautiful South Hams and imagine my surprise (well, not actually) to find the aforementioned bag of rubbish still sat there!!

Now like most areas of the UK we have just had an increase in our Council Tax, about £8 per month here. We continually pay more - and receive less.
By the way, has anybody lost a piece of their furniture? I also found this as I was cycling this morning.  If you recognise it and know the owner then please do let me know and I will attempt to ensure he/she receives notice of its whereabouts - by the correct route of course!!

Oh, and whoever lost their boots whilst out enjoying the beautiful litter s…

A Life on the Ocean Brave…

’On 17th November 2012, Salvador Alvarenga, left the coast of Mexico for a two day fishing trip. A 20 miles offshore a vicious storm killed the outboard engine of his 22’ open boat and carried him west, deep into the heart of the Pacific.  When he was washed ashore on 30th January 2014, he had drifted for fourteen months, covering over 9000 miles’. His story is recounted in the best selling book ‘438 Days’ written by Jonathan Franklin.
These are some of the extracts from that fascinating story that are so relevant today.....
“.... inside the turtles stomach he found a collection of garbage including plastic bottle caps ....” [Location - 500 miles W of the coast of Mexico].
“....they (the two fishermen) became astute scavengers and learned to distinguish the myriad varieties of plastic that float across the ocean , littering the surface with a permanent mark of the petroleum age...”
“.... nearly every day they could see dozens of floating bottles...”
“... often the stomach and intestines (of …